Sam Won preaching

“Sam is one of the most gifted young speakers and leaders that I know.  God speaks powerfully through him to all generations.  You’re going to want to partner with him as he ushers in God’s presence and ministers to your group.” — Sam Park, Lead Pastor, The Sycomore of the C&MA

“Sam Won has a heart for God.  He is a delightful young man of God who longs for revival in the church.  He doesn’t just talk about renewal or wish for it, he pursues it in prayer, in his lifestyle and with courage.” — Dr. Rob Reimer, Senior Pastor, South Shore Community Church

“Sam Won’s ministry has been a tremendous blessing to my family and I.  His exposition of the Word of God is absolutely inspiring, his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is life giving, and his level of brokenness is real, inviting others to embrace the love of the Father and pursue Christ with honesty and sincerity.  In many ways, Sam encourages us ‘to live in personal revival, with sensitivity to divine appointments, and in active obedience to the Father.'” — Yeathus Johnson, Urban Region Superintendent, Metropolitan District of the C&MA

“Sam Won is one of those guys who makes you want to go deeper – in the Word, in prayer, in intimacy with Christ.  I would never consider him anything less than a covenant brother.  The passion Sam has to see Jesus made famous is contagious.  It’s impossible to be around him and not want revival in your region.” — John & Lydia Yoon, Missionaries with YWAM Kansas City

“Sam and I have been friends for years and is one of the most compelling and anointed communicators I know.  Even more than that though, his character and integrity are the qualities I admire the most about him.” — Jesus Orbea, Client Account Manager, Meridian IT

“Dynamic preaching attracts people.  Dynamic preaching that’s undergirded by relentless faith and an intimate connection with the Triune God brings life-transformation, and that’s what Sam Won brings to the table every time!  Sam is one of the few people in my life who always encourages and challenges me to pursue a deeper connection with the Father, Son and Spirit.” — Danny Cheong, Director of Global Leadership

“I have had the privilege of hearing Sam preach on numerous occasions and each time, He relays the heart of the Father, allowing the Spirit to move to produce powerful responses.  I have also had the privilege of working with him in ministry and getting to know him personally.  Don’t let his laid back personality fool you.  He is a man of passion and depth with a vision for revival that is refreshing and contagious.” — Michelle Park, Marriage & Family Therapist, Redeemer Counseling Services

“Sam Won is an exceptional, growing servant leader.  As a professor at Alliance Theological Seminary (Nyack, NY), I watched Sam grow and develop in my Spiritual Formation courses and through relationships with other faculty and students.  He came into my office quite often to update me on God’s working in and through him.  We talked, laughed, cried and prayed together and it was wonderful!

At the end of my full-time teaching at ATS a luncheon was given and I was glad Sam attended.  Surrounded by many students, grads, faculty and staff, he said quietly to me with a mischievous grin, ‘Don’t you think now is the time to tell everyone that I am your favorite?’  I smiled and hugged him because, like so many others, I love and believe in Sam Won!

Sam is bright.  Always learning.  Solid.  Sensitive to others.  Very gifted speaker and motivator.  Understands the big picture of God’s Kingdom.  Responsive to the Lord and to those in authority.  Just like Jesus in many ways! He will not disappoint you.” — Jan Dale, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Alliance Theological Seminary

“Sam Won is the real deal.  He is a man of character and exudes the Father heart of God.  I’m privileged to know him as a friend, brother, and co-laborer in this region.  This region would not be the same without his presence.” — Sam Choi, Regional Missionary & Lead Pastor of Worship As 1

“Sam Won is a gifted and dynamic leader, who has the ability to communicate Kingdom truth and frame that powerful message with compelling and life giving action steps.” — Eric Peoples, Lead Pastor of Legacy Church & Corporate Coach,

“Sam is a man who champions honor, revival and friendship with both God and His people. His heart is to honor the gift and calling upon every individual which will usher in a mighty revival and move of God. As gifted and anointed of a speaker he is, Sam always pursues friendship with the God and His people first. I am excited to see how the Lord is going to uniquely use him in this generation to bring about a mighty move of God!” — Will Chung, Ministry Director, 4 Christ Mission

sam won revival